Why Should I Buy Eyeglasses From My Optometrist?

Why Should I Buy Eyeglasses From My Optometrist? Everyone has a friend who found their glasses online to save some dollars and avoid the traditional method of visiting a trusted eye care professional. Is there

Pink Eye & What To Do

An all-too common eye condition is pink eye or conjunctivitis, and while many have heard of the name, few know how to deal with the problem when it happens. Pink eye can be caused by

Vision And Eye Health Tips That Everyone Should Know

Healthy eyesight goes beyond finding the right prescription for your glasses or contacts. Knowing the right way to take care of your eyes when they are red or irritated, eating healthy food to ensure good eyesight

Why David Bowie Has Two Different Colored Eyes

Have you ever noticed that the musician David Bowie has two different colored eyes?  Today, many people love to use colored contacts to change their overall appearance, but it is unusual to see a person

When A Migraine Aura
Denotes Serious Health Problems

In some cases, a person that is having a migraine will have visual disturbances called auras.  Some visual disturbances are so out of the ordinary that a person experiencing them may feel inclined to follow

Why Eyelid Twitches Can Be Serious

A random eyelid twitch does not evoke much thought for most people, but others notice that something is out of the ordinary when their eyelid is twitching.  Although most eyelid twitching is harmless, when is

Get Your Laptop a Pair of Glasses

When people reach the age of 40, some will notice that they are hovering over their computer screen just to be able to see.  This is not uncommon, and is a sign of presbyopia.  A

Preventing Winter Dry Eyes in Nevada

In Nevada, we all take the time to put on sunglasses when it is summertime, but what about the winter?  Believe it or not, eye pain problems like dry eyes can be prevented by wearing

Is an Annual Eye Doctor Visit Necessary?

Twice a year, you go see your general practitioner just to have a medical exam.  ls the same true with an eye doctor?  Do you need to check in every year or is this an

Are You Using the Right Lens Treatment for Your Eyeglasses?

As someone that wears eyeglasses, do you know what types of lens treatment they come with? At The Vision Centers, we look forward to providing the latest lens treatment options to our customers. This includes

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