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Presbyopia: Your eyes are aging

Where most things are uncertain in life, we cannot run away from the process of aging and the age related issues that come along. And our eyes are no exception…with age they age too.  Scientists have been trying to discover the fountain of youth for ages with no avail yet, and as of now there is no escaping the fact of aging.  One of the most common age related eye issues is presbyopia, the disease of the eyes where one loses the ability to focus on objects close by. This starts in mid 40’s and continues to weaken the eyes as the lens get harder and less elastic. It’s around the age of 65 that most of the elasticity needed to focus on close up objects is lost. No diet or exercise has any effect on Presbyopia. However this condition can be corrected with the use of glasses or contact lenses.

To determine the condition of your eyes Las Vegas Optometrist will  perform a general eye examination, including measurements to determine a prescription for glasses or contact lenses. These tests may include; Examination of the retina, Muscle integrity test, Refraction test, Slit-lamp test and Visual acuity. With the help of right prescription lensses the ability to focus on objects will improve.

Also contact lenses can help correct one eye for far vision and the other for near vision. This is known as monovision thus eliminating the need for bifocal or reading glasses. There are newer contact lenses that can help correct for both far and near with the same lens. Also new surgical procedures are available to provide eye treatment solutions to those who do not want to use glasses or contacts.

Today there are several types of glasses and contacts to choose from. One can even find glasses in many different styles, shapes, colors and price ranges. Similarly there are contact lenses of different colors and price ranges. Therefore you can now find just the right looking pair of glasses and contacts to suit your style and make you look great.