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Letter from the Editor…CREATING YOUR BEST VISION

At the Vision Centers it’s our mission “to help you look great and SEE YOUR BEST,” while maintaining your healthy eyes.

  • Aren’t all optical lenses created equal?
  • Why should I pay more for these lenses in my glasses as opposed to going to the place advertised on the TV that will give me 2 pair for a lower cost?
  • What’s the difference?

These are all questions that certainly should be asked and you as the consumer have the right to know. It’s our goal in the desire to create the best customer service available, including the best optical products to provide you (the patient) with your best vision. In our determination to do this, we are only providing to our patients premium lenses.

A premium lens is one that will achieve optimal vision through using the most technologic advanced design. In less than premium lenses the patients would achieve less than optimal vision because of lens aberration and increased distortion. This is not good. Would it make sense not to want your best vision? Take progressive (no-line bifocals/multifocals) lenses for instance -— there are premium progressive lenses and then there are less than premium lenses. A less than premium progressive lens would create a “keyhole” life effect when looking down through the reading portion, enhanced distortion and would be very difficult to adjust to. A premium progressive lens conversely would give a wider field of view, less distortion and be much easier to adjust to. The pinnacle of premium progressive lenses would be the new “digitally surfaced lenses.” These newest progressive lenses are like “HD” in your progressive lenses. These lenses are so advanced they actually take into account posture, head position, distance of the eye to the back of the eyeglass lens and how your eye rotates when you look from side to side. What exactly is a “digitally surfaced” lens? A digitally surfaced lens is one that incorporates WAVE technology. This is a technology that uses and incorporates molds to provide very customized and specific curvatures to the lenses. The lenses are manufactured in a way that creates an infinite amount of curves on any one point of the lens (front and back surface) to maximize your eyesight through the lens in any direction.

In a further effort to provide you with this level of service we have recently teamed up with Essilor (“Varilux” products) to be the exclusive provider of their high quality lenses within our offices. They manufacture the best digitally designed lenses available.

Collaboratively, we are going to be adding a very technologically advanced piece of equipment within each office over the next several months. This machine will not only take into account all of the digital advancement but also the individual frame parameters. These parameters include the tilt of the frame and the “wrap” of the frame to add to the exact customization of your glasses.

We’ve come a long way since the days of Benjamin Franklin. Once again, “The Vision Centers” go the extra mile and prove they’re “quality people providing quality products”.