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Acknowledging the Importance of Children’s Eye Care

The requirements of eye care for a growing child differ from the proper eye care needed by adults. There are many misconceptions amongst people on what the proper eye care for children is. Many people do not realize that their children can receive the eye care they need at an adult optometry office. Many children will face eye health problems at an early age. That is why it is important to have your child’s eyes checked regularly with a through eye exam to catch any eye or vision problems early on. There are many school districts in the country that mandate and provide basic eye exam las vegas for children. A simple vision problem can impact the learning process of the child because they cannot read the board or cannot read their books. A vision problem can also cause headaches, eye pain, double vision, and blurry vision, which can make it very difficult for the child to properly participate in the classroom.

An eye care specialist such as an ophthalmologist, optometrist, and optician can easily treat these symptoms of poor vision in children. An Ophthalmologist is a doctor that performs extensive eye exams and treats adult and children’s eyes with corrective lenses. They also can perform eye surgeries and offer more in depth diagnosis. Optometrists offer eye exams, treatments for common eye disorders and can diagnose certain eye diseases. However, they do not perform any major eye surgeries. An Optician assembles, fits, sells and fills prescriptions for eyeglasses. Depending on what type of eye or vision problems your child is experiencing there is a specialist that can treat your child’s problem.