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Decorative Halloween Contacts and the Scary Truth

As the cool brisk fall air starts to begin and we see pumpkins everywhere we know that our favorite spooky holiday is just around the corner. And as we all begin to put our creativity to the test for a great Halloween costume many will consider purchasing decorative contacts to complete their costume. Most people will purchase these contacts from an online retailer or a Halloween costume store. Before opting for these decorative lenses there are a few things everyone should know.

First you should not that these contacts are not vision enhancing and generally not purchased through an optometrists office. When you get contact lenses from an eye doctor they are fitted for your eye. These decorative contacts are not custom fitted and can cause irritation or minor to major injuries to your eye. If you are not familiar with how to care for contacts, store them and clean them properly there is a risk of causing an infection to the eye from improper disinfection.

However, if you are considering a wild decorative pair of contacts for your Halloween costume this year, consult your optometrist las vegas. Schedule an appointment at your optometrist’s office to have your doctor perform an eye exam. The eye doctor can get the correct measurements and prescription for your eyes and assist you in ordering a pair of decorative contacts that are custom fit to you as well as from a reliable manufacturer. Your eye doctor will also teach you how to properly care for contact lenses.