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We all want to look our best. We also want to be able to see clearly. Many people are not happy about the need for glasses because of their vanity. Glasses look great on everyone if you find the right pair for your face. We are going to offer you some great tips to find the nest pair of glasses for your face shape.

Round: Frames with rectangular, horizontal, and angular deign will look best. Avoid small and short frames that accentuate the length of the face.

Oval: Most from shapes will look good on this face shape. Square and geometric shapes wull also look great. Avoid frames that look too large for your facial features.

Heart: Bottom heavy frames that add width to the lower face or round and narrow frames that make the forehead look smaller. Avoid frames with decorative temples and are top heavy.

Square: Oval and round shaped frames will look great. Avoid square and geometric shapes and frames with colored accents on the bottom.

Oblong: Braod frames with decorative temples and tall frames work best for this face shape. Avoid small and short frames that make the face look longer.

Diamond: Rimless and oval frames will look great with the cheekbones. Avoid narrow frames.