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Most Common Experienced Eye Problems

Everyone has experienced a minor eye problem at some point. Most people are unaware of what causes or how to treat an eye problem and when the problem requires medical attention.

Blurred Vision can occur for a few different reasons. Temporary blurred vision can be from fatigue or from an illness, or cold . If you are experiencing blurry vision that is more than temporary, make an appointment with your eye doctor. Extended bouts or blurry vision can be a result of change in eyesight, cataracts, presbyopia, uveitis, glaucoma or astigmatism.  Many of these conditions are age-related as well.

Floaters in vision, are like seeing tiny spots or seeing floating strings that float across the eye  every so often.   If you are seeing floaters see an eye doctor as soon as possible. Floaters in your vision can be a result of a stroke, diabetes or retinal detachment.

Itchy Eyes. Are your eyes itching, burning and red? Itchy eyes can be a condition treated at home or need a doctors attention depending on the cause. If your eyes are itchy because they are dry or you are suffering from allergies, you can usually treat at home with eye drops. If you are a contact wearer you may want to wear glasses when experiencing itchy eyes to gain some relief. If you believe your eyes are itchy because you are experiencing pink eye or blepharitis, you should see an optometrist for treatment.

Twitching Eyes. While twitching eyes are very bothersome and unpleasant most of the time it is caused by caffeine, fatigue or stress. Try relaxing getting some rest and limiting caffeine intake. Eye twitching can also be caused by tourette syndrome, panic disorders or pink eye. Consult a health care professional if you believe you are suffering from any of these disorders.