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Caring for Eyesight at Age 65 and Above

We all know that eye sight decreases with age. However many people are unaware how important regular check ups and eye care becomes at the age of 65. Men and Women age 65 and older should be getting a yearly comprehensive dilated eye exam annually. At this age early detection of serious eye problems is very important. There are 4 conditions that are the most common cause of blindness and vision problems for seniors.

Macular Degeneration- This disease is age related as it mainly occurs in people over the age of 50. People experiencing this will have blurred vision that will affect activities like driving and reading.

Glaucoma- This eye disease causes a persons field of vision to narrow while causing damage to the optic nerve fibers of the eye.  Early detection and care is important to slow the effects of this disease on eye sight.

Cataracts- This disease causes cloudy and blurry vision, glare when driving at night and seeing faded colors. Most seniors experience this disease but with cataract surgery the cloudy lens can be removed allowing the patient to see clearly again.

Diabetic Retinopathy -  Seniors suffering from diabetes are at risk for another eye disease. This disease affects the retina of seniors with diabetes and causes vision problems. Seniors with diabetes have at odds 25 times more likely to experience blindness. Seniors with diabetes should receive an yearly exam by their optometrist with a dilated eye exam.