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sunblock 220x300

sunblock-220x300It’s April, the temperature is beginning to rise, we’ll all be wearing a whole lot less soon, spending more time outdoors and basking in the hot sun of our home in Las Vegas.

With the increased exposure to sunlight and UV radiation, the need for protective eyewear should be in high demand. The majority of us use sunblock to protect our skin. A UV coating or transitional lenses (lenses that darken outdoors) in our regular glasses along with quality sunglasses as “sunblock for our eyes.” The occurrence of eye disease such as cataracts and macular degeneration are highly increased through UV exposure. Excessive sun exposure has also been linked in causing an elevation of the white part of your eye in towards the nose. This elevation can then begin to grow in toward the edge of your pupil. These “bumps” can then begin to appear as a yellowish or red color.

There is an area of the face designated the “T Zone,’ consisting of the chin, nose, forehead and eyes. Within this zone is the highest incidence of various forms of cancer. So as you can see, it’s highly recommend to always have a UV coating in all eyeglass lenses along with an anti-reflective coating. These two lense options provide the patient with the sharpest vision and the highest form of eye protection known to man.

The Vision Centers stock only the highest quality sunglasses to choose from. The majority of our designer sunwear use lenses that are made by such experts as Zeis and their equivalent. We stock many speciality sunglasses as Oakley, Maui Jim and Tag Heuer. If you want to feel safe knowing that your eyes have their highest level of protection, stop in to one of the Vision Centers today and purchase a pair of stylish sunglasses to prepare for outdoor fun.