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When Do You Need to See an Eye Doctor

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A person who is having problems with their vision may have trouble with usually simple day-to-day activities. Catching eye problems early and having regular visits with an optometrist are imperative to maintaining good visual health. The golden rule is to have at least one optometrist appointment every year, but there are instances where a visit should be scheduled immediately.

If a person’s eyes are tearing up more often than usual and for no apparent reason, it may be time for them to visit an optometrist. Tears are the body’s natural way of saying that something is wrong. Even more moisture than usual could be a sign of a potential problem. They can be common symptoms of a more serious developing visual problem.

Many people don’t even consider going to see an eye doctor after sustaining an injury to the face directly around their eye, but this is usually a mistake. An orbital fracture from a facial injury could actually cause damage to a person’s eye and affect their vision. Even people who have corrected vision should visit an optometrist if they sustain an injury to their eye due to the fact that the damage could cause further complications.

Pain in the eyes or headaches centered behind a person’s eyes are one of the most obvious signs that an optometrist appointment should be made. People’s eyes don’t hurt naturally unless there is a problem. Even people who are already wearing corrective lenses should visit an eye doctor in these cases because they may need a new prescription.

Visual Issues
Visual issues are the most obvious signs that a trip to the optometrist should be made soon. These problems can include blurry vision, spots in a person’s visual field, random flashes of light or even just difficulty seeing things. These problems should be taken to an optometrist immediately.