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Tips For Dry Eyes

Many people experience the common ailment known as ‘dry eye’, but the annoyance factor related to the condition definitely makes it feel not so common. The condition occurs when a person’s eyes do not produce the correct amount of tears to keep their eyes moist, comfortable and healthy.

There are several factors that could lead to dry eye including hormonal changes, not enough blinking and other bodily imbalances. Luckily, there are several ways that an individual can reduce the occurrence of the issue. Not all of these methods will work equally as well for everyone, but they are all great ways to solve the problem.

  • Avoid Swiftly Moving Air
    Air movement is a common way that a person’s eyes can quickly dry out. This factor can be caused by wind, hair dryers and even fans. Driving down the road with the windows rolled down is also a very common cause. Avoiding these situations or at least wearing some form of eye protection can prevent eyes from drying.
  • Reduce Sugar Intake
    Dry eyes have been commonly linked to consuming little more than three tablespoons of sugar, and most sodas actually contain this amount of sugar within them. A person can greatly reduce the occurrence of dry eyes by simply reducing their daily sugar intake.
  • Invest in Artificial Tears
    Artificial tears were actually created for this very problem. They can be purchased without a prescription and will replace the tears that the body isn’t naturally producing.
  • Make Sure to Blink
    Not blinking is a common cause of dry eyes. Most people believe this is a bodily reaction that will simply occur when it’s supposed to, but science has proven that people actually blink less while at the computer screen. This makes it pertinent to make a conscious effort to blink while working at the computer.

Dry eyes can be an irritating condition, but there are luckily several ways that a person can improve the condition. By just following the aforementioned tips, a person will likely correct their problem without ever having to get a prescription.