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Tips For Eyes And Seasonal Allergies


allergiesSpring time in the Las Vegas Valley means seasonal allergies to many residents. Many experience the sneezing, sniffling, and the itchy red irritated eyes that come with seasonal allergies. The Vision Centers provides some tips to help ease the irritation of your eyes this allergy season.

Seasonal allergies result in itchy, red, irritated eyes at the conjunctiva or thin tissue that protects the white portion of the eye. This thin tissue acts as a wall to protect our eyes from harmful elements, microbes, and debris. The tear gland is another factor in eye allergies. When airborne allergens hit your eyes, an irritation or allergic reaction occurs in the conjunctiva, which may cause eye redness, inflammation, and itchiness. When the eye is irritated, our tear glands flush the allergen from our eyes. This causes our eyes to produce tears.

Tips to Ease Allergy Symptoms of The Eyes:

  • Allergens such as pollen tend to stick on to fabrics and clothing. A great tip to help reduce allergy symptoms is to change your clothes after being outside and to regularly wash sheets, pillows and any fabrics you come in close contact to regularly.
  • When eyes are itchy and irritated the natural response is to rub them, it is advised to keep your hands off the eyes as rubbing the eyes can worsen allergy symptoms.
  • Look for an allergy relief eye drop and administer drops when eyes are feeling itchy and irritated.  Better yet, make an appointment at The Vision Centers to get recommendations from our doctors on prescription treatments available.
  • When eyes are itchy splashing water on your face can help to wash allergens and pollen off of the face.
  • If you are a contact wearer, avoid wearing contacts when suffering from allergies. Try wearing glasses or switch to a daily disposable contact lens.
  • Apply a cold compress to eyes to reduce swelling and inflammation of the eyes.
  • Take an antihistamine as needed to keep symptoms at bay.
  • Know when to avoid the outdoors. On highly windy days in the Las Vegas desert, it is advised to stay indoors as much as possible.