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Reasons to Choose Anti-glare Lenses

ar coating

Anti-glare coating (also called anti-reflective coating and AR coating) works by eliminating reflections from the front and back surfaces of eyeglass lenses. AR coating is a hard, thin film made of a material that has a high index of refraction. It is layered onto the lens to reduce light refraction. It is especially helpful when used on the newer, lighter, high-index lenses because they reflect more light than standard plastic lenses. It virtually eliminates back-glare, which is light that bounces into the eyes after hitting the back of the lenses. There are many advantages to having an anti-glare coating on your eyeglasses and sunglasses.

ar-coatingEye Fatigue Reduction

Because they reduce glare from computer screens and florescent lighting, can aid greatly in reducing eye fatigue. Reduction in glare increases light transmission so wearers see more clearly. Because they reflect more light than standard plastic, it is even more important for people who have polycarbonate or high-index lenses to have AR coating applied to their lenses.

Improved Night Vision

Due to the fact that more light can reach the eye, it makes it possible for wearers to see better in darker condition. Additionally, the reduction of glare from street lighting and overhead lights makes driving at night safer and more comfortable. The halo effect seen around lights at night is greatly reduced.

Cosmetically More Appealing

AR coated lenses appear thinner or even non-existent. The reflections that keep people from seeing the eyes of someone with non-coated lenses disappear with AR coating. People can see the wearer's eyes, rather than just the shine of the glare. It makes photographs look much better, since the eyes can be seen and the reflected glare of the flash is much less.


AR coating is generally only applied to the back (closest to the face) side of the lenses on sunglasses. It serves to reduce glare when the sun is coming in from the side of the glasses and keeps the light from being reflected into the eye. They make for more comfort when outside in bright conditions. It also makes driving at dawn and sunset safer because there is less glare.


There are many reasons to choose AR coating on your glasses. Whether chosen for safer driving or to look better in family photos, the end result is better vision with less eye strain.