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Halloween Crazy Eyes – Colored Contacts

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The Dangers of Non-Prescription Colored Contact Lenses


One of the most popular ways to take any Halloween costume to the next level is to pair the ensemble with colored contact lenses, often in red or other unnatural colors that add to the creepiness of the costume. It's actually a really great idea if the lenses are obtained through a professional fitting and with a proper prescription, but lenses bought through beauty salons or online retail stores can have a number of serious drawbacks for those looking to spice up their Halloween costume.

One Size Of Contact Lens Does Not Fit All

One of the most common misconceptions about colored contact lenses is that, since they're purchased largely for aesthetic reasons, they don't require a fitting or a prescription. Most people simply assume that these contacts are designed to fit all eyeballs, no matter their size, age, shape, or other requirements. It's just not true.

Colored contact lenses absolutely need to be properly fitted to the eye. If they're not, those who wear them as a way of boosting their Halloween costume's creepiness could find themselves with impaired vision while driving, scratched corneas, and general irritation that will last well after October 31st has entered the history books.

Lenses from Non-Optometric Sources Can Cause Infections

Lenses sold by traditional retailers, or even beauty salons, typically aren't sold with the same level of care and attentiveness as those sold by an optometrist's office. This can lead to any number of major problems, but the most threatening is an infection that leaves lasting scars on the cornea and impairs vision well after the Halloween season has reached its end.

Instead of taking risks on potentially infectious contact lenses, buyers should consult with their eye doctor and determine whether or not a prescription pair of contact lenses might be a more sensible way to go. Because they're cared for by experts, prepared by professional optometry companies, and shipped with the utmost care, they're less likely to risk infection, corneal damage, and other major side effects.

When it Comes to Vision, There's No Need to Risk Major Damage

There's no way to repair serious damage done to the eye by improper objects, like non-prescription contacts, that cause tears, infections, and other damage. Instead of risking problems that can lead to long-term vision impairment, schedule an appointment with an eye doctor who can assess the actual prescription, size, and quality of the contacts. It might take a bit longer, but the effect will still be creepy. As an added bonus, it will also be far safer than competing options.