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Gift Ideas from Glasses Enthusiasts

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Beyond Prescription Lenses: Gift Ideas from Glasses Enthusiasts

A great pair of glasses from the eye doctor can make a real difference when it comes to driving, reading, working, or even relaxing. Those glasses aren't the only ones that can be of great help throughout the year, however. Everything from enjoying a good book to hitting the slopes can benefit from a pair of glasses or goggles that protect the eyes and offer clearer vision throughout an important task. For thoughtful gift ideas or a unique shopping trip, consider the most popular glasses and goggles currently on the market.

1. Computer Glasses 

Anyone who's spent a long day in front of a computer display knows that it can wreak havoc on vision. Eye fatigue is real, and in this case a day in front of such a screen can lead to headaches and a general feeling of lethargy. Computer glasses filter out the constant "noise" on the screen that's a result of refresh rates, reducing eye fatigue and giving back day-long computer users their nights, energy, and focus.

2. Ski Goggles

Hitting the slopes is exciting for people of all ages, but it presents a real opportunity for long-term eye damage without the proper safety gear. Ski and snowboarding goggles filter out the dangerous, reflective UV light captured by the pure white snow created at ski resorts. This lowers the risk that eyes will suffer from long-term vision loss and it enhances a skier's vision so that they can more quickly and adeptly navigate even the most challenging trails that they encounter.

3. Safety Glasses

Great for gardeners, outdoorsmen, runners, bikers and more, these glasses look similar to sunglasses but are made of highly durable plastic or glass that can reduce a significant amount of force. That means the debris from lawn mowers, passing automobiles, or even wildlife can be deflected without damaging the eyes or otherwise injuring a person's face.

4. Reading Glasses

Non-prescription reading glasses are great for the bookworm in the family. Though they require no prescription, their universal appeal lies in the fact that they help to focus and embolden text. When reading is easier on the eyes, it's much easier to page through multiple chapters before putting the book down and moving on to other tasks. That's something that every dedicated reader will appreciate, no matter the strength of his or her vision.

Excellent Ideas for Gifts, Safety and Health

Whether it's safer skiing on the slopes or easier reading of a New York Times best-selling book, each of these options has a myriad of uses both indoors and outside. Each option represents a great gift for someone else, or an excellent impulse buy for those who simply want to ensure the long-term health and safety of their vision.