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Six Ways to Avoid the Health Impacts of Cosmetics


Six Ways to Avoid the Health Impacts of Makeup

Let’s face it: even if you found out that eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara were bad for your health, you would probably still wear them. In truth, most makeup is perfectly safe to use each day. On the other hand, some risks are associated with cosmetics you use on your eyes. If you want to avoid infection and other ailments, you should consider these tips.


1. Protect yourself against bacteria.

You do not have to deal with infection. Wash your hands before applying makeup, and replace applicators on a regular basis. Avoid touching your eyes as much as possible. You should also avoid makeup that has lots of glitter, which spreads easily.

2. Never share makeup.

Sharing cosmetics is the best way to spread bacteria and infection. This goes for trying out makeup at the store. Always ensure you are using a new applicator.

3. Always wash your face before going to bed.

Remove eye makeup with soap and water before sleep. Mascara specifically is one of the worst culprits of clogging glands.

4. Throw out anything expired.

Look at the expiration dates on all your cosmetics, especially eye makeup. These items tend to grow bacteria when they are old. No matter the expiration date on a product, it is best that you use them for only four months before throwing them out. You will be able to tell that some products have gone. For example, mascara will look dried out.

5. Store your cosmetics carefully.

Keep them out of locations that get hotter than 85 degrees. In addition, you should keep makeup away from areas that get steamy or moist, like the bathroom.

6. If you notice that you do have an infection, avoid wearing eye makeup until it is gone.

No eyeliner, eye shadow or mascara until you have completely recovered. Otherwise, you might just make the infection worse.

As you can see, it is completely safe to use eye cosmetics so long as you are proactive about keeping your eyes clean. There is no reason to avoid makeup if you are taking steps to avoid infection.