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Do Your Glasses Meet Professional Standards?



If you are ordering your glasses online there is a big chance that you are paying for glasses that simply aren’t up to standard. Sure, buying eyeglasses online is incredibly affordable, but there is also a big difference in quality. For many, buying online just isn’t the same as buying from your local practice.

A recent survey by the American Optometric Association found that nearly 50% of all glasses ordered on the Internet may have problems. Sometimes the prescription is off, and sometimes they simply do not meet safety guidelines. Would you want to take that risk?


Most of us do not think about safety when we think about eyeglasses. Unfortunately, this results in serious accidents every year. Most people who shop for glasses are looking at the style of the frame, hoping to get something that looks good, overlooking safety all together. In addition, some online glasses are delivered with the improper lenses. For example, a pair of bifocals might be delivered as a single.

It is imperative that you consider the impact-resistance associated with a pair of glasses, especially when you are making a purchase for a child. About 25% of glasses designed for children fail testing for impact resistance. This means that these glasses could shatter easily.


The eyeglasses you purchase online might look fantastic, but do they fit? A professional eyeglass specialist will fit your new glasses to your face, allowing you to get the most of them. Glasses that do not properly fit can fall off and break quickly.

Professional Assistance

If you are buying glasses online it means that you are purchasing a product that has no professional support. You might be purchasing a product that does not provide the sight you need. Only your eye doctor knows exactly which type of glasses is most beneficial for your eyes. A professional practice may be able to offer you a warranty, proper fitting and exchange guarantee.

The best eyeglasses will last you quite a long time. There is no guarantee that buying a cheap pair of glasses online provides such long-lasting quality.