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Glaucoma is Genetic?


Glaucoma is Genetic? Three Studies Verify Specific Genes

Do you suspect that you or a loved one has glaucoma?  When you have a problem with this issue in your biological family, it is understandable to suspect that other family members may also experience this condition.  Unfortunately, research now shows that glaucoma is genetic, and have found three specific genes related to this condition.

If you carry this diagnosis in your family, do not worry.  With four locations in Las Vegas, we are happy to help you with all of your vision-related needs.  From testing to new visual aids, we can put you in touch with specialized care for any optometry-related or ophthalmological condition.  Just give us a call to stop by to discuss your family history before glaucoma develops.

What is glaucoma?

Glaucoma is not one illness, but a group of eye diseases that can result in partial or total blindness.  It can affect the optic nerve or other parts of the eye.  The majority of cases are caused by an increase in fluid pressure in the eye, caused by fluid not easily flowing through the front part of the eye.  Glaucoma is completely asymptomatic in the vast majority of cases, until the very end-stage when patients notice a problem with their peripheral (side) vision.

Studies that show glaucoma is genetic

Commonly thought to be a sign of aging, in fact, glaucoma can strike anyone at any age.  Now, researchers have shown that genes play a role in this disease.  In particular, studies published in August, 2014 by a journal called “Nature Genetics” say that at least six genes are connected to glaucoma inheritance.  Sources like ABC Science Australia state that the three studies conducted concluded that mutations on the ABCA1 gene is a primary indicator that an individual will develop glaucoma.

Hope for future and present glaucoma patients

One of the best ways to diminish the effects of glaucoma is to receive treatment as soon as possible from your optometrist or ophthalmologist.  By having ways to diagnose patients early, treatments to prevent sight-damaging effects of glaucoma can be given.  Preventative vision-care treatments include topical medications, along with various laser or traditional surgical procedures.

Get treated for glaucoma today

Whether you have glaucoma now or have a strong family history of it, you can get the help at The Vision Centers today.  We can answer your questions about this condition, and get you prepared for the preventative care you will need.  Located throughout Las Vegas, we have five highly-skilled doctors that will help you to see clearly.  Give us a call or stop by our four locations to get treated.