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Why Runners Need Eye Protection

runner eye protection

Are you a runner that is prone to getting headaches from sun glare?  Or, do you have problems with bugs and dust creating painful styes?  Finally, you may be concerned about developing skin cancer around your eyes because sunscreens are easily removed from the skin due to frequent sweating.  While running is a great exercise, it is important to take care of your eyes before you hit the trails.

At The Vision Centers in Las Vegas, we regularly give advice to runners about ways to decrease their chances of damaging their eyes during this activity.  From prescription sunglasses to techniques proven to deter UV rays, we have the answers you need.  To speak to one of our optometrists or opticians, give us a call today.

How the sun damages a runners’ eyes

Runners are usually performing their activities outdoors, and this means that they must be diligent against developing skin cancer.  Unfortunately, reports from top researchers around the world have agreed that the sun does not only cause skin cancer.  Instead, UV rays can also damage parts of the eye including the retina, cornea, and lens.  In some cases, it is thought to be a contributor to cataracts and macular degeneration.

Preventing eye damage for runners

One of the best ways to protect your eyes as a runner is to keep them covered.  This means that you may need sunglasses that have your prescription in them that cover more of your face.  For example, wraparound prescription sunglasses mean you are covered on all sides.

These types of glasses found in an optometrist’s office can help to block UV rays, but they also keeps dirt, sand, and insects from damaging the area around your eye.  Generally speaking, they are sunglasses that are high-caliber enough to block the sun’s harmful rays will have 99 to 100 percent UA and UVB blocking abilities.

Get a pair of runner’s sunglasses today

To keep your eye health in optimal condition during any physical activity, consult with the experts.  We will gladly schedule you for an appointment at one of our four Las Vegas locations, and we are dedicated to bringing you the high-quality care you need.  Do not continue to take chances with your eye health, and give us a call at The Vision Centers today.