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Are You Using the Right Lens Treatment for Your Eyeglasses?


As someone that wears eyeglasses, do you know what types of lens treatment they come with? At The Vision Centers, we look forward to providing the latest lens treatment options to our customers. This includes UV protection, tints, scratch resistance, polarization, anti-reflective, and photochromic options. To get a better idea of what we have to offer, keep reading.

How anti-reflective coating helps you

Anti-glare or AR coating is a permanent and durable film on your eyeglass lenses that will improve your vision.  When you wear glasses with anti-reflective coating, you will not have as many problems with glare while driving at night.

Anyone that uses a computer for extended periods of time will find that the AR coating will help their eyes feel less strained.

Extend the life of your glasses and protect your vision 

When you have a rough and tumble job, children or a habit of cleaning your glasses with a paper towel, scratch-resistance is a lens treatment you will want.  This also helps them to avoid getting scratched when you drop them on the floor.

Scratch-resistance creates a harder surface for your eyeglass lenses overall.  Another coating that can be added is UV protection.  One of the reasons it is added is because it will keep your eyes from getting damaged by the sun’s rays.

Cut the glare with tinted, photochromic, and polarized lenses

When you need your eyeglasses to protect you from glare, there are two other ways to do this besides anti-reflective coating.  For instance, you can have your lenses polarized to cut haze and glare.  Polarized lenses mean that a special filter is added to block intense, reflected light.

Adding photochromic coatings to your eyeglasses means that they will automatically respond to sunlight by growing darker.  This is different than tinted lenses.  A tinted lens will not transition from light to dark.  Tints, on the other hand, are the perfect solution if you need increased contrast and depth perception.

Get improved glasses today

To get a pair of glasses with coatings that will improve your ability to see and protect your overall health, stop by the The Vision Centers today.  With four convenient locations throughout the Las Vegas area, we are happy to answer any of your questions at our business or over the phone.  Thank you in advance for being our customer, and we look forward to meeting you.