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Preventing Winter Dry Eyes in Nevada

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dry-eyesIn Nevada, we all take the time to put on sunglasses when it is summertime, but what about the winter?  Believe it or not, eye pain problems like dry eyes can be prevented by wearing sunglasses, and winter is when these symptoms bother people the most.  However, at The Vision Centers, we have several vital tips on dry eyes that give our customers the relief they need.

Symptoms of dry eyes

When people complain about having eyes that burn, sting, or feel like something is in their eyes, we will check them for Dry Eye Syndrome.  Other common symptoms of chronic dry eyes include blurred vision and stiff eyelash follicles.  In some cases, their eyes are so dry that it causes a secondary bacterial infection in the eye area from over-rubbing.

Who gets Dry Eye Syndrome?

Any person at any age can get dry eyes, but it tends to affect some groups of people more than others.  For instance, post-menopausal women can get Dry Eye Syndrome as a side effect of hormone changes.  People that have had eye or LASIK surgery can also get chronic dry eyes.  In our experience, a majority of people will not realize they have this issue until winter hits.

Solutions for Dry Eye Syndrome

Some of our customers will require more extreme care for chronic dry eyes, but most can use a combination of several over-the-counter solutions.  For instance, using non-prescription artificial tears can work for most. Taking Omega-3 fatty acid supplements and wearing sunglasses are Dry Eye Syndrome solutions that also help people feel comfortable.  For wintertime relief, getting a humidifier for your home or workspace is an effective solution.  If these symptoms do not improve with these methods, more intensive medical help is available.

Get complete eye care with us

If you think The Vision Centers only make glasses and give eye exams, think again.  In addition to Dry Eye Syndrome, we are committed to helping each of our customers maintain maximum eye health.  It may seem like a simple exam, but we are checking for problems like Dry Eye Syndrome, early signs of macular degeneration, melanoma cancers of the inner eye, and more.  To get quality eye care you can trust, visit us at one of our Las Vegas locations today.