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Get Your Laptop a Pair of Glasses

computer glasses

computer glassesWhen people reach the age of 40, some will notice that they are hovering over their computer screen just to be able to see.  This is not uncommon, and is a sign of presbyopia.  A normal part of aging, presbyopia is when the eye lens begins to stiffen and it becomes harder for the eye to focus on close objects.  This is why older adults tend to need reading glasses to view computers, smartphones, and books.  Despite this, is it likely that, in the future, you will not need your reading glasses for the computer because it will come with its own pair built in.

Computers that come with their own corrective lenses

Over the years, we have discovered that some computer screens cause eye strain, and improvements have been developed to correct this issue.  Now, researchers at the University of California Berkeley are working on technology that will accommodate people that have presbyopia.  Even if you have had LASIK vision correction surgery to deal with near-sighted or far-sightedness, this kind of advance could work for you.

How corrective lens computer screens will work

When your computer screen wears glasses for you, it will work as a vision correcting display that sharpens the image.  The display has a printed pinhole screen that exists between two layers of plastic.  The screen is then distorted with the touch of a button to give the sight-impaired person a clear image.  Ultimately, it will replace a persons’ need to use glasses when they are looking at the screen.

Will these computer screens replace the need for eye exams?

While these types of computer screens are still in the development stage, everyone will continue to need an eye exam.  Most people assume that you go for an eye exam because you need glasses, but this is especially not true for adults over the age of 40.  Getting your sight tested is important, but an eye exam specialist is also looking for early signs of blindness, eye cancers, and other critical issues.  To get your eyes tested for presbyopia or other potential eye diseases, stop by The Vision Centers today.