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3 Reasons to Turn to a Local Optometrist & Avoid Cheap Glasses in Las Vegas, Nevada


For many of us, a low price might make someone second guess investing in anything else. However, often cheaper lenses and low-quality frames leave you with more problems than a typical pair of eyeglasses.

#1 Repairs & Warranties

A local optometrist can often repair eyeglasses for patients free of charge and that can extend the lifespan of your pair of glasses, and some high-quality frames can simply require a lens replacement for a newer prescription. Cheap frames not only fall apart more easily, but repairs become more complicated. The lower grade material can crack or bend easier causing repairs to become near impossible. Not only with a local optometrist, you’ll have extra help, but often, most glasses include a year warranty to back up your investment.

#2 Coatings Fail

Cheap lenses rarely have long-lasting coatings. The anti-glare guarantees barely last a month or two, and poorly done lens tints are irreversible or correctable. With a local eye doctor, however, premium lenses include a higher quality coating to provide exceptional eye care as well as protecting your investment.

#3 The Offer is Clear

While purchasing eyeglasses can be complicated, speaking to opticians in person is far easier to deal with compared to cheaper glasses that often include hidden fees or fail to meet expectations. Although the costs may be less, knowing that you can support a local business, the local business also wants to support you as a valued patient. Plus, a prescription is far easier to use at your local optometry for greater reliability. Not all cheap glasses are handled with nearly the same amount of care.