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Better Service at the Vision Centers

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Better Service at the Vision Centers

“You can feel the difference when you walk in”. That’s what we often hear from our repeat patients. What’s the difference between being a patient at the at the Vision Centers and being a patient at another eyecare facility? It’s our goal here to provide you (our valued patients) with the best service and products available in our industry. Everyone’s aware of our reputation in regards to carrying the best eyewear selection in the Valley. What everyone is not necessarily aware of is what goes into providing the best service to our patients. Dr. Chiodo hand-picks each doctor from a vast application field and spends time with them in the exam room to assure they each deliver the high level of care we desire for our patients. As you can tell, they’re both the best doctors and also have great chairside manners.

Dr. Podloski oversees hiring general personnel and assures only the highest quality perspective staff are hired after an extensive selection and interview process. From there, the training never stops. We believe that we can always improve the delivery of our services, and this is key for us. Training is continuous and ongoing for any and all of us (from the top down) at the Vision Centers. All office mangers endure a rigorous two-week training including coursework and testing in Glendale, CA upon promotion to the manager post. In fact, Drs. Chiodo and Podloski have completed several three-day workshops and training over the last year and a half.

The staff receive constant supervision and unparalleled training from their office managers. Twice a year, selected staff attend weekend weekend seminars where more customer service skills are enhanced. It’s our goal to continue to be the best at what we do. We pride ourselves on being “Quality People Providing Quality Eyecare.”

Meet Lisa Wampler

lisaFor those of you that have been to Northwest Vision Center recently, you may have noticed a new staff member. Lisa Wampler joined that team in August of last year. Lisa has been an optician for approximately three years and is originally from the Midwest and specifically the St. Louis area. Her desire to move to Las Vegas in regards to joining her boyfriend has led her to the Northwest Vision Center for employment and to serve the valued patients at that location. Education is important to Lisa and she has received a bachelor of arts degree at the Univ. of Missouri with a double major in biology and music. Lisa’s artistic nature allows her a fashion sense and an ability to provide eyeglass frames that enhance the look of our patients instilling and contributing to their pride and confidence. Besides her career and love for music, Lisa loves to cook and to also take walks on the beach. For a professional and fun eyewear fitting experience, visit Lisa at out Northwest location.


screening-300x185Drs. Christopher Chiodo and Christopher Coker performed their first school vision screening on Thursday, February 23 and Thursday, March 15 at Faith Lutheran Academy. Under the direction of Colette Fried, the doctors screened over 150 4th, 5th and 6th graders. The screening was a huge success and led to many students requiring examination leading to proper vision correction and better vision for the children. Vision screenings only typically uncover 10-20% of all vision problems. It’s a definite positive having them and helping these students achieve better grades based on better vision. “It was amazing to me how many of these children had undetected vision problems,” stated Dr. Chiodo. Vision screenings are just that – screenings – and full annual eye examinations are recommended for all. We look forward to performing these free screenings at Faith Lutheran Academy annually and to expand on this program to include many more schools. If you know of an elementary school that could benefit from this program, call Dr. Chiodo at (702) 254-6222 to inquire.