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Soft Contact Lenses

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Soft Contact Lenses

Types of Lenses

There are several types of contact lenses to choose from, and the following information will help you to find the contacts that are right your eyes and lifestyle:

Soft contact lenses are the most comfortable, the average amount of time one needs to get used to them being only a day or two, and the soft plastic of newer lenses allows oxygen to pass through to the eye easily.

Rigid Gas Permeable lenses are harder and thicker than soft contact lenses but give crisper vision and collect less debris than soft contact lenses. Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) lenses also last longer than soft contact lenses, but they are initially less comfortable, the average amount of time one needs to get used to them being a week or more.

Extended Wear contact lenses are predominantly soft contact lenses that are made to be used on an overnight basis or for as long as 30 days.

Disposable contact lenses are designed to be used for a specified period of time and then discarded and replaced by another pair. Most adults and kids who wear contact lenses have some kind of soft disposable contact lenses. Daily disposable contacts are used just once per day & offer the safest and healthier option for contacts.

There are also decorative contact lenses that do not necessarily correct vision but do change the appearance of the eye. Decorative lenses can have interesting effects on the shape and color of the pupil. , such as coloring the iris an unusual color, red being a very popular colored contact lens color, or changing the shape and color of the iris to a cat’s eye.

Getting Your Contacts

The Vision Centers’ optometrists and you will have an examination for your lenses to make sure that you not only know how to use your contact lenses but that you also know how to clean and maintain your lenses. You must have a current, valid prescription for glasses/contacts in order to purchase contacts. If you do not have a prescription, you can make an appointment with The Vision Centers’ optometrists to undergo an eye examination, and they will insure that your contacts are accurate, comfortable, and manageable.

Quality and Convenient Contact Lenses

Whether to correct vision problems such as Astigmatism, Myopia (nearsightedness), or Hyperopia (farsightedness), contact lenses remain the most popular method of vision correction among those needing corrective lenses. This is because contact lenses are flexible and convenient, since they can be easily removed and need very little storage space. The Vision Centers offer services for contact lens fittings as well as UV protective, colored, and multifocal contact lenses.

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