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Medmont Corneal Topographer

Medmont Meridia 3 Quarter Right no cord

To see the complete picture, you need a new perspective. Reimagine the way you see and experience topographical insights.

Elevate your Perception of Accuracy and Clarity

Medmont is proud to reveal the next generation corneal topographer that goes beyond the excellence of the E300 technology and first in class accuracy. The medmont meridia™ continues “THE” standard in proven topography performance by offering NEW multi-modal images and applications, such as, dry eye and contact lens fitting evaluations, high-resolution color video and images and much more – providing a complete picture in one platform.

Complete Your View

The medmont meridia with Medmont Studio Software v7 introduces a new level of clarity with a comprehensive suite of high-resolution images, increased field of view, and additional applications to clearly enhance your practice’s capabilities for better patient care.

  • Limbus to Limbus Topography – Now in Color
  • Detailed Fluorescein Imaging and Video
  • Full View Anterior Imaging and Video
  • Easy to Capture Meibography Imaging