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Amanda Ketzenberger

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Amanda Ketzenberger

My experience at the Vision Center with Dr. Podloski was educational and streamlined. I had never had glasses before and I was nervous about going to the eye doctor to begin with. I went back to school last year and I was required to do a lot more reading than I was used to Dr. Podloski listened very carefully to my concerns and explained everything in detail that was happening with my eyes. By the time the exam was over I understood why I was getting the headaches and tiredness just from reading alone.

When I finished with the appointment, he walked me out to the front corridor and introduced me to a member of his staff who would help me pick out the right pair of glasses. With plenty of name brands and designer frames to choose from, it didn’t take long to find the perfect pair! Within a week I had my glasses and was reading effortlessly again! It’s truly amazing the difference that these glasses have made in my life. I graduate next semester and I wouldn’t have been back on track if it weren’t for Dr. Podloski and his staff making it so seamless to get me reading clearly again. Besides the medical benefits, I still get compliments on these glasses nearly every day as well.

If you are looking for a friendly staff who is truly concerned with your needs and a professional doctor who is willing to take some time out to talk to you about your eyes.

- Amanda Ketzenberger