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Ann Kenyon

Dear Dr. Guerrero
I want to take this time to let you know how nice and exceptional your staff is. From Stephanie, Melissa, and will who welcome you so pleasantly on the phone and entering your office and are so helpful. It’s already a nice experience. Melissa was also lovely and patient when I had to go back for adjustments.

You ware very pleasant and informative as well. I felt very confident with the information and updates on myself that you gave me.

I have to elaborate on Rich as I spent the most time with him (or should I say, he spent with me!). I could tell something wasn’t right with my other doctor’s new prescription. He took the time to draw me pictures, show me graphs of some kind, and explain different kind of progressives(Concise and Precise)by Kodak. He took my previous eye doctor’s number and took the time to find out from him my previous history of prescriptions. He was pleasant, patient , kind , and very professional. It worked! Now I can finally see with my new glasses. I find Rich and his work ethic exceptional, and greatly appreciated.

I’ve been in the medical profession for many years, from being a dental nurse and office manager, to the Emergency Room, and Massage Therapy and office manager. Helping people to feel better and at ease is what I like to do (sometimes it’s a stretch, I know!). We all know there are some people you can never please. But for the most part, most people just need a little patience and kindness, especially in a medical office. your office has that.

Again, I want to thank you and your staff for making my visit a pleasant one. will definitely be recommending it to others! very truly Yours,

- Ann Kenyon