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Rayne Thomas


Rayne Thomas has been a patient at the Summerlin Vision Center since 2004. Ms. Thomas is one of our more interesting patients. She’s a world class author, blues vocalist and humorist. Rayne has had so many accomplishments in her life; they are far too numerous to mention. Her goal is to travel the world with the idea of “healing hearts thru laughter”. She conducts workshops and speaking engagements under this premise, while of course injecting humorous experiences related to her topics. Being a “city girl” originally from New York, “variety and style” is what she looks for in her eyeglass frames and the first time she popped in to the Summerlin Vision Center she “was amazed at how many styles of frames that were offered”. Now, what really sold her on the Summerlin Vision Center was the “genuine friendliness of the staff and Dr. Podloski. She knows this is the “only eyecare facility for her”.

- Rayne Thomas