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Trish Ketchell

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Trish Ketchell

My husband and I had been to other eye doctors in the past and neither one of us had ever left with that satisfied feeling. We knew we’d never go back to “that place” again. So, when we were referred to Dr. Podloski at the vision center needless to say, we didn’t have high hopes for anything different.

Our first was at the Northwest location and from the minute we walked in we could tell this place was different,” The overall look and feel was much more contemporary and open. The glasses were up to date and there were so many to choose from. l Then we met Dr. Podloski who we now refer to as “Dr. Pod,” He really took his time during the exam and explained everything he was doing during the procedure. He was so down to earth, in fact he didn’t even where the “stuffy white coat” that screams “I’m a Doctor and you’re not.” we both felt so comfortable…like we were his only patients. He was so Knowledgeable and his passion for what he does really shines through.

Turns out, my husband didn’t really need glasses, so when it was time to get fitted for my glasses I was paired with my own personal assistant. She spoke the truth about what looked good and which ones didn’t fit my face. she was genuinely concerned with me loving my glasses, and didn’t try to steer me to the “expensive ones. “I felt like it was taking so long yet she never complained or looked at her watch. Again, l felt like I was the only patient. After a couple of hours I finally settled on a pair that I would’ve never chosen without the help of a professional.

While I was waiting for my glasses to came back from the lab my 7 year old daughter woke up complaining that she had something in her eye. Upon inspection, it looked like a piece of no.2 pencil. I couldn’t send her to school this way so I called Dr. Pod. he got us in right away. He explained how he was going to put some numbing drops in her eyes then remove the object. knowing my daughter I thought to myself, yeah right..but “good luck Dr. “as we had already tried the drops at home with no success….I mean no success in even getting the drops to hit her eyeball. well, to my surprise Dr. Pod told my daughter to layback and close her eyes. he pace the drops in the corners of her eyes then told her to open them ….it was magic, the drops just fell in first try! After they were numb he removed the object….again first try. I was amazed and my daughter was fascinated with the whole process. She had just found her hero.

When my glasses came in, I received a call. I was so excited! I thought I would just walk in and pick them up. Once again, to my surprise I was placed with my own assistant who had me try them on, look in the mirror and she made adjustments until the fit my face perfectly!

We were so happy with Dr. Pod and the Vision Centers! Thanks Dr. Pod!!

- Trish Ketchell