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Trish Ketchell

My husband and I had been to other eye doctors in the past and neither one of us had ever left with that satisfied feeling. We knew we’d never go back to “that place” again. So, when we were referred to Dr. Podloski at the vision center needless to say, we didn’t have high hopes for anything different.

Our first was at the Northwest location and from the minute we walked in we could tell this place was different,” The overall look and feel was much more contemporary and open. The glasses were up to date and there were so many to choose from. l Then we met Dr. Podloski who we now refer to as “Dr. Pod,” He really took his time during the exam and explained everything he was doing during the procedure. He was so down to earth, in fact he didn’t even where the “stuffy white coat” that screams “I’m a Doctor and you’re not.” we both felt so comfortable…like we were his only patients. He was so Knowledgeable and his passion for what he does really shines through.

Turns out, my husband didn’t really need glasses, so when it was time to get fitted for my glasses I was paired with my own personal assistant. She spoke the truth about what looked good and which ones didn’t fit my face. she was genuinely concerned with me loving my glasses, and didn’t try to steer me to the “expensive ones. “I felt like it was taking so long yet she never complained or looked at her watch. Again, l felt like I was the only patient. After a couple of hours I finally settled on a pair that I would’ve never chosen without the help of a professional.

While I was waiting for my glasses to came back from the lab my 7 year old daughter woke up complaining that she had something in her eye. Upon inspection, it looked like a piece of no.2 pencil. I couldn’t send her to school this way so I called Dr. Pod. he got us in right away. He explained how he was going to put some numbing drops in her eyes then remove the object. knowing my daughter I thought to myself, yeah right..but “good luck Dr. “as we had already tried the drops at home with no success….I mean no success in even getting the drops to hit her eyeball. well, to my surprise Dr. Pod told my daughter to layback and close her eyes. he pace the drops in the corners of her eyes then told her to open them ….it was magic, the drops just fell in first try! After they were numb he removed the object….again first try. I was amazed and my daughter was fascinated with the whole process. She had just found her hero.

When my glasses came in, I received a call. I was so excited! I thought I would just walk in and pick them up. Once again, to my surprise I was placed with my own assistant who had me try them on, look in the mirror and she made adjustments until the fit my face perfectly!

We were so happy with Dr. Pod and the Vision Centers! Thanks Dr. Pod!!

- Trish Ketchell

Amanda Ketzenberger

My experience at the Vision Center with Dr. Podloski was educational and streamlined. I had never had glasses before and I was nervous about going to the eye doctor to begin with. I went back to school last year and I was required to do a lot more reading than I was used to Dr. Podloski listened very carefully to my concerns and explained everything in detail that was happening with my eyes. By the time the exam was over I understood why I was getting the headaches and tiredness just from reading alone.

When I finished with the appointment, he walked me out to the front corridor and introduced me to a member of his staff who would help me pick out the right pair of glasses. With plenty of name brands and designer frames to choose from, it didn’t take long to find the perfect pair! Within a week I had my glasses and was reading effortlessly again! It’s truly amazing the difference that these glasses have made in my life. I graduate next semester and I wouldn’t have been back on track if it weren’t for Dr. Podloski and his staff making it so seamless to get me reading clearly again. Besides the medical benefits, I still get compliments on these glasses nearly every day as well.

If you are looking for a friendly staff who is truly concerned with your needs and a professional doctor who is willing to take some time out to talk to you about your eyes.

- Amanda Ketzenberger

Ann Kenyon

Dear Dr. Guerrero
I want to take this time to let you know how nice and exceptional your staff is. From Stephanie, Melissa, and will who welcome you so pleasantly on the phone and entering your office and are so helpful. It’s already a nice experience. Melissa was also lovely and patient when I had to go back for adjustments.

You ware very pleasant and informative as well. I felt very confident with the information and updates on myself that you gave me.

I have to elaborate on Rich as I spent the most time with him (or should I say, he spent with me!). I could tell something wasn’t right with my other doctor’s new prescription. He took the time to draw me pictures, show me graphs of some kind, and explain different kind of progressives(Concise and Precise)by Kodak. He took my previous eye doctor’s number and took the time to find out from him my previous history of prescriptions. He was pleasant, patient , kind , and very professional. It worked! Now I can finally see with my new glasses. I find Rich and his work ethic exceptional, and greatly appreciated.

I’ve been in the medical profession for many years, from being a dental nurse and office manager, to the Emergency Room, and Massage Therapy and office manager. Helping people to feel better and at ease is what I like to do (sometimes it’s a stretch, I know!). We all know there are some people you can never please. But for the most part, most people just need a little patience and kindness, especially in a medical office. your office has that.

Again, I want to thank you and your staff for making my visit a pleasant one. will definitely be recommending it to others! very truly Yours,

- Ann Kenyon

Angie & Malik

Dr Podloski

I would like to take moment to extend my thanks for your help and going the extra mile to take great care and your extreme concern to help my son see again.

You are an incredible doctor and very caring. I wish we had more doctors like you in this world. We’ve sent a little appreciation gift from my son and myself to show how much we are blessed to have you in our life.

- Angie & Malik

Tony Weeks

You may recognize this gentleman. His name is Tony Weeks and he's a longstanding patient of Dr. Chiodo's at our Northwest Vision Center. In the photo he is flanked by Christy Klimek (the office manager at the Northwest Vision Center) along with Dr. Chiodo. Tony works as a fulltime corrections officer at a high-risk prison in Victorville California but also is (better known as) a popular professional boxing referee. He has referee'd many major fights including the recent fight between Pacqiao and Marquez. We are honored and privilaged to care for all of our patients including this genuinely delightful man, Tony. He states the reason for him trusting us to serve his eyecare needs is....We wish Tony many more happy years serving as a corrections officer and continued success in the boxing world.

- Tony Weeks

Rayne Thomas

Rayne Thomas has been a patient at the Summerlin Vision Center since 2004. Ms. Thomas is one of our more interesting patients. She’s a world class author, blues vocalist and humorist. Rayne has had so many accomplishments in her life; they are far too numerous to mention. Her goal is to travel the world with the idea of “healing hearts thru laughter”. She conducts workshops and speaking engagements under this premise, while of course injecting humorous experiences related to her topics. Being a “city girl” originally from New York, “variety and style” is what she looks for in her eyeglass frames and the first time she popped in to the Summerlin Vision Center she “was amazed at how many styles of frames that were offered”. Now, what really sold her on the Summerlin Vision Center was the “genuine friendliness of the staff and Dr. Podloski. She knows this is the “only eyecare facility for her”.

- Rayne Thomas

Diane Tuazon

8News NOW Weather Anchor and TV Reporter, Diane Tuazon has been a client of Summerlin Vision Center since she moved to Las Vegas back in 2004. Working in front of a camera and being on television every day takes a strain on my eyes, which is why I have to make sure I see the best optometrists in town, and I trust none other than the staff at Summerlin Vision Center with my vision. Whether it’s for my annual check up, or getting fitted for new contacts, the doctors and staff have been beyond helpful and make me comfortable in knowing I am in good hands.

I don’t even live in the Summerlin area, but I find it worth the drive across town just to make sure my eyes are handled by those who do their job best. Thank you to the entire staff at Summerlin Vision Center.

Diane Tuazon can be reached via Twitter: @DianeTuazon for any community related story ideas or info on the Las Vegas weather!

- Diane Tuazon

Ted Keegan

Ted Keegan is our featured patient shown in this picture with Office Manager Melissa Petrie on the left and Dr. Lisa Guerrero on the right. Ted frequents our Seven Hills Vision Center based on the superior level of care provided
by Dr. Guerrero and the entire staff.

Ted, is a singer, actor and photographer who previously played the phantom in “Phantom of the Opera” in Las Vegas. Ted is joining two friends, Randal Keith and Bruce Ewing in a new venture as “The Phat Pack” to sing the songs they want to sing, share their stories and create wonderful moments filled with music!

Together with musical director, Joey Singer, the Phat Pack sings Musical Theater, American Standards, Las Vegas hits and some new, fun music you won’t want to miss.

- Ted Keegan

Sherry Swensk

8 News NOW Weather Anchor, Sherry Swensk, has been a client of Summerlin Vision Center for about as long as she’s been on TV in Las Vegas - nearly 20 years! “Forecasting the weather each day, seeing numbers clearly is vital to my job - especially at 4 a.m. Everything can be pretty blurry at that early hour. But thanks to the great staff at Summerlin Vision Center, it’s easy to keep a clear picture of the temps, the sunrise, and the all-important seven day forecast for 8 News NOW viewers!

I’ve been coming to Summerlin Vision all these years because I trust Dr. Podloski, Dr. Chiodo, and Dr. Schneider. The staff is amazing; always friendly, always efficient, and always so helpful with the most important things like picking out the perfect glasses to even the smallest things like making sure I have enough contact lens solutions.”

And I love featuring the staff each Christmas on our Holiday Helper segment for their generous giving spirit to collect hundreds of toys to kids in need. It shows how they extend their caring and concern for the community, beyond providing a great neighborhood service and business of eye care. Even though I’ve moved out of Summerlin proper, I keep coming back to Summerlin Vision Center because I know I’ll get the best vision care possible and I love seeing
the staff who’ve now become like family!”

- Sherry Swensk

Derrick Williams

Derrick Williams is an actor/singer for Disney Theatrical. He is currently performing in the Lion King Show at the Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas where he taps into his catlike side as Simba’s father, Mufasa. Derrick Williams is no stranger to the stage. He is originally from New York and is an amazing Broadway actor. He has graced stages on Broadway in “Aida” and “Swing”; has appeared on television programs such as “Numbers” and “Ghost Whisperer” to name a few; and has garnered throngs of fans for his performance as “Fiyero in “Wicked” at Los Angeles’ Pantages Theater.

Originally from Norfolk, Virginia, Williams, his wife and their young daughters have resided in Las Vegas for more than a year and have gotten to know the city well.

He continues to come to the Vision Centers because of the excellent standard of care that our doctor, Lisa Guerrero

- Derrick Williams

Rudy Ruettiger, from the Movie RUDY

Seven Hills’ Vision Center is the best!!! I’ve been a client for years for all of my vision needs. They offer incredible service, convenient appointments, the very best most up-todate high tech equipment to ensure a complete eye exam, and offers a classy selection of frames to meet the needs of the most stylish trendiest dressers. Anyone who asks me for an eye dr in town, I never hesitate to say, Dr. Lee at Seven Hills Vision!!

- Rudy Ruettiger, from the Movie RUDY