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In Plain Sight: Why it’s Important to Schedule an Annual Eye Exam

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The Importance of Scheduling an Annual Eye Exam

eye-exam-300x230While plenty of people make sure to get their annual checkup from a physician and even their 6-month cleaning form their neighborhood dentist, scheduling an annual eye exam sometimes tends to be the forgotten checkup that can often leave patients with headaches, blurred vision, and even serious medical problems that might require a physician's assistance. Before assuming that everything's just fine, and skipping this crucial annual exam, consider the reasons that making time for the eye doctor is so very crucial.

1. Glaucoma is a Serious Impairment that Merits Annual Testing

Glaucoma is one of the most serious conditions to affect most patients, and it's something that occurs so gradually that it's hard to notice the problem until it has gotten severe. That is, of course, unless an annual eye exam is scheduled so that an optometrist can test specifically for the disease and treat it before it leads to permanent vision loss. Don't let this gradual, silent, and permanent loss of vision lead to lifelong problems simply because an eye appointment was missed or never scheduled.

2. Eye Strain Can Lead to Headaches, But it's Easy to Fix

Eyes are always changing, and that means they might gain or lose some of their ability to see near objects or far distances over time. The human body will do its best to adapt, but that often means focusing the eyes excessively and straining them in the process. The result is a splitting headache that never seems to go away. With new glasses or contacts, however, patients can enjoy better vision and less headaches almost immediately. With a simple vision test each year, doctors will assess changes in the eye and prescribe glasses or contacts that lead to better peace of mind until the next yearly appointment.

3. Last Year's Glasses are This Year's Old Hat

Trends change, and those changes affect glasses just as significantly as they effect hairstyles, clothing preferences, and more. Even if a patient is experiencing great eye health and relatively consistent vision problems, a new pair of glasses can give new life to their style and confidence. All it takes is a yearly exam and a new prescription, and patients can be sure they fall in line with the latest trends right away.

From Health to Style, Eye Exams are an Essential Yearly Event 

Patients who want to keep their vision healthy, their headaches few, and their glasses trendy, should get in touch with their eye doctor right away. There is simply no better way to proactively check for eye problems, assess changes in the eyes over the past 12 months, and prescribe a new set of lenses that will be as trendy as they are helpful n everyday reading, perception, and work.