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Allergy Season is Here


Allergy Season is Here: Four Ways to Protect Your Eyes 


allergiesFor individuals with allergies, the seasonal change from winter to spring can be taxing. They may welcome the warmer weather but, loathe the havoc wreaked upon their eyes. This season you don't have to endure eye allergies. With the following four tips, you can enjoy the warm sun without dealing with red, itchy, draining eyes.

Over-the-counter medications reduce eye allergy symptoms

There are numerous antihistamine pills that work to block histamine and help you avoid symptoms such as swollen, red, and itchy eyes. Combining antihistamine pills with decongestant eye drops will help you combat many of your allergy symptoms. If you find that none of the over-the-counter medications work for you, consult with your doctor about taking prescription drugs to alleviate symptoms.

Wear sunglasses to prevent pollen contact

With the change in season, conjunctivitis is associated with pollen getting into your eye. Wearing sunglasses prevent pollen from coming in contact with your eyes and ultimately reduce irritation to your eyes. Enhance the protection sunglasses afford you by wearing wider sunglasses.

Avoid going outdoors when pollen is extremely intolerable

Weather reports for your local news station serve as a great means to keep you informed about the weather. During pollen season, most news and weather stations include pollen reports that allow you to determine whether going outside is in your best interest. You must pay close attention to these reports in order to minimize contact with pollen.

Don't spread the irritation

For individuals suffering from pollen allergies, itchy eyes are a common occurrence. Many people constantly feel as if something is in their eyes when they are having a reaction to pollen, therefore they are inclined to scratch or rub their eyes. This is a big mistake. Rubbing or scratching your eyes lead to further irritation, prolonging your agony. When your eyes are itching, rinse them out with water or use lubricating eye drops to remove the pollen.

You don't have to remain indoors during pollen season. By employing these few tips, you can arm yourself with ways to overcome your pollen allergies.