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Early detection of eye disease is vital for preventing progression & potential vision loss. A Wellness Exam utilizes our Daytona Optomap for clear imaging of the eye & the retina.

The Vision Centers prides ourselves on providing nothing but the best for our patients that is why we use the best machine available for exams of the retina with the Optomap.

Daytona Optomap 1280x480

The Optomap Daytona is the original "next generation" ultra-widefield retinal imaging device from Optos. With its small footprint and reasonable price point, Daytona enables budget-conscious optometrists to provide wellness exams and patient education.

The Optomap is the technology of choice at The Vision Centers. This ground breaking machine allows our eye doctors to see nearly the entire inside of the eye, including the retina. With the help of the Optomap to examine the retina our optometrists are able to detect serious diseases earlier than just a general eye exam can such as; cancer, glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes and more. Simultaneous, non-contact, central pole-to-periphery views of up to 82% or 200 degrees of the retina are displayed in one single capture, compared to 45 degrees achieved with conventional methods.

An Optomap exam can be performed on patients of all ages. Optomap exams are great for detecting any serious eye problems for very young children to older patients. The exam is pain-free and in most cases can be performed with out any dilation drops. Ask for an Optomap Retinal Exam for your next eye exam appointment at The Vision Centers.

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